Our new baby sitter’s mum (4)

Veronica, my GP and Friday night playmate, was not the slightest bit surprised that Helen wanted her 13-year old daughter, Wendy on birth control.

“Is there any chance that you might be pregnant, Wendy?”

“No. None.”

“So you haven't had sex with anyone yet?”

“Yes. I've given a couple of blow jobs and had my pussy eaten a few times. From what I've learnt at school, that's not how you get pregnant.”

Veronica laughed. “OK. Usually for teen-aged girls I recommend one of the long term contraceptives. That way you don't have to worry about remembering to take a pill every night. However, although they are all very good none is 100% reliable. I want you and your mother to talk about what you would do if you should get pregnant. If you want to have an abortion you should have it as early as possible.”

Veronica explained the different possibilities, and the most serious possible side effects. She pointed out that if one method produced bad side effects that she could switch to another. Eventually Wendy chose to have a small implant under her skin which would protect her for 3 years, after which it could be replaced.

Veronica gave Helen a prescription and suggested that she bring Wendy and the implant back later the same day.

“How soon after you insert it can I start having sex?”

“You will be able to have your first real fuck tonight if you have a suitable cock available.”

Wendy just grinned happily but she told me later that she was shocked to hear a doctor talk dirty. Then Veronica turned to Helen.

“Naomi tells me that you will be coming to our regular Friday-night parties and you also want birth control. Is there any chance that you could already be pregnant?”

“Yes. I might be. John has fucked me a few times over the last few days, without any protection.”

“And when is your next period due?”

“In about 10 days.”

“Oh dear! You may very well be pregnant. I think that you had better come back to me when your period starts, or if it's more than a few days late, or if you start to have morning sickness. If you fuck on Friday night and you're not already pregnant you possibly still could become pregnant.”

“I just can't help myself. Naomi and John have unleashed in me a wild sexual being that I thought had died when I found out that my ex-husband was cheating on me. If I get pregnant then Wendy will have a brother or a sister. I could not miss Friday night, or refrain from fucking.”

“If you are fucked on Friday by other men and later find out that you are pregnant, you wont know who is the father.”

“I prefer not to know who the father is. I don't want to saddle anyone with the responsibility of being the father of my child. After all, anyone who fucks me can reasonably assume that I'm protected. It's just that I'm unable to forgo the pleasure that I am suddenly experiencing, thanks to Naomi and John.”

“You would not consider an abortion?”, I asked.

“I don't think so. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of being pregnant again. In fact, if my next period is normal, I might decide not to go onto any birth control. I might just keep trying to get pregnant.”

Once Wendy's contraceptive implant was in place she was on a mission to have John fuck her. She wheedled an invitation to dinner from me, of course I knew why she wanted it so desperately. Over dinner we discussed the visit to Veronica.

“So Wendy, how do you feel about having a baby brother or sister?”, I asked.

“I think that that would be great. I love looking after Phillipa and Mary. I think that a new baby would be very exciting.”

“John, if Helen does get pregnant I think that we should make a commitment to support her through everything. After all, you might be the father. She does not want to saddle anyone with the responsibility of being the father. We can respect that and still support her through all the business of being a mum, just as she and Wendy help us through the business of bringing up Phillipa and Mary.”

“Of course. Helen, if you have a baby you'll need to take some time off work. I don't mean to intrude into your privacy, but if you need financial support through that time, we'd be happy to supply it.”

“Do you really mean that, John? Naomi? I really don't have any reserves that I could take a year off work. But ... Oh! Dear! I can't ask you to do that.”

“Hey! You're not asking, we're offering. You and Wendy have made our life much more pleasurable. We want to give you something in return. Besides, if you are already pregnant then my husband is the father of your child. You say that you do not want to saddle him with that responsibility, but just maybe, he'd like to assume that responsibility. Men like to know that they are virile, you know.”

“Is Naomi right, John? Could you support Wendy and me for a year or more?”

“Yes Naomi is right, and yes we can and will support you for more than 1 year. All we ask in return is your continued friendship, and that includes plenty of sex, I hope.”

“Well, I was hoping that the sex would continue. How will you feel about fucking a pregnant woman when I'm getting close to 9 months?”

“When I was pregnant with Phillipa and Mary we had some of the best sex. He'll love fucking you when you're huge with child. John, Wendy is dieing for you to fuck her. How about it?”

“Sure. Wendy do you want to fuck in private or in front of Naomi and your mum.”

“Here, I want Naomi and mum to watch.”

John led her to a couch. He sat in the middle with his cock erect and ready to fuck. He held his arms out inviting her to him. When she was close he pulled her forward so that she was straddling his lap.
Without any foreplay he lifted her and lowered her onto his cock.

“Is your hymen intact?”

“No. I broke it a year ago, fucking myself with mum's dildo. Sorry.”

“Don't be sorry. I want this to be good for you. That's easier if we don't have to break through your hymen.”

“Ohhhh! You're so big!”“Ahhhh! You're so tight!”

He had one hand under each bum cheek and was lifting her up and down. Although she was an unusually well developed 13-year old (i.e. she had beautiful breasts, a narrow waist, broad hips and shapely legs) she was still light enough, and he was strong enough, that he could lift her comfortably like that. He was also lifting off the couch each time he lowered her down onto his erect cock.

Wendy didn't say anything intelligible after that but it was clear from her little moans and other little sounds that she was in heaven.

"I'm about to pump my cum into your teenage cunt. Are you ready?"

"Yessss! Yessss!"

Then Wendy fell forward on top of John as they both climaxed simultaneously.

"Wow!", I said, "Was that as good as it looked to be?"

"Oh! Thank you John. Yes Naomi that was better than anything that I have ever experienced. Thank you for lending your husband to me. And thank you, mum, for making this possible. I bet there aren't many girls my age who have such a great mum, and such great friends."

On Friday afternoon, Helen phoned me wanting to know how to dress for that night. I explained to her that everyone got naked as soon as they arrived at Sue and Jerry's place and so no one bothered to dress up. Track suit pants and T-shirts were common, no bra, no panties, not even shoes. In wet weather I liked to wear a rain coat with nothing underneath. Tonight I planned to wear shorts with an elastic waist band which come off very easily and a tiny top which covered my boobs and not much else. She decided to wear shorts and a cropped T-shirt.

John, Helen and I arrived at Sue and Jerry's place and were greeted at the front door by a naked Sue She pressed her body against each of us as she planted a kiss on our lips. We stripped off and tossed our clothes on top of a pile of discarded clothes just inside the front door, then followed Sue into the main room.

The scene was almost a typical party scene, with people standing around in small groups holding glasses and chatting with each other. The difference was that every one was naked and there was quite a lot of groping going on, and some of the chatting was really low moans and other expressions of pleasure.

When Jerry spotted Helen he hurried over and held her body against his as he planted a kiss on her lips.

“Helen. At last you are here. Let me get you a drink. What would you like?”

“I’d like a glass of chardonnay, please. Wow! What a scene! I’ve never been to a party like this. I love it!”

“I hope that you're not going to be shocked when the fucking starts. We all know each other and we're all completely uninhibited.”

“Don't worry. I'm really looking forward to everything. Naomi and John have told me what to expect. By the way, you promised me that you would be the first to fuck me tonight.”

To be continued in “Our new baby sitter's mum (5)”

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